09 Oct 2023
Royal Marine in training at the gym

Why military veterans make the best superyacht crew members

Military veterans are highly trained and skilled individuals who have a proven track record of success in challenging environments. They work well as part of a team, communicate effectively and are used to long term overseas employment.  These qualities make them ideal candidates for superyacht crew positions.

We are deeply committed to placing military veterans in yacht crew roles because our founder Andrew worked onboard a superyacht after 12 years of Service in the Royal Marines. He understands the skills and disciplines that make former military personnel so suited to life at sea:

  • Discipline and teamwork: Military veterans are trained to work as part of a team and to follow orders. This is essential in the superyacht industry, where crew members need to be able to work together efficiently and safely.
  • Leadership skills: Military veterans often have strong leadership skills. This is important in the superyacht industry, where crew members need to be able to take charge when needed and motivate others.
  • Work ethic: Military veterans are known for their strong work ethic. They are used to working long hours in demanding conditions. This is a valuable asset in the superyacht industry, where crew members often work long hours and need to be able to perform under pressure.
  • Problem-solving skills: Military veterans are trained to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This is essential in the superyacht industry, where crew members need to be able to think on their feet and deal with unexpected situations.
  • Commitment: Military veterans are choosing to join the superyacht industry as a second career, not just to work a season or two

In addition to these general qualities, military veterans also possess a number of specific skills that are highly valued in the superyacht industry, for example:

  • Advanced medical training
  • Commercial and or advanced PADI divers, water sports and personal fitness instruction
  • EOOW, Y tickets and MEOL
  • AV, IT and communications understanding
  • Aviation operations
  • Extreme cold weather operational understanding [IMO Polar Code]
  • Drone pilots and videography
  • SIA Close Protection


  • Skilled Royal Marines Landing Craft Coxswain to drive chase boats and tenders
  • Royal Naval technical engineers to manage AV/IT requirements
  • Gurkhas who will deliver security reassurance 
  • Tri-Service Medics with operational experience to provide clinical care
  • Military divers with technical expertise to provide safety to dive operations

If you are a military veteran who is interested in a career in the superyacht industry, contact us to help you get started.  We will mentor you, offer free impartial advice and help create your CV.  We will be of support throughout your new chosen career.  There is no fire and forget in our camp.  We are the only crew agency who specialise in placing military veterans.